Masonic Charity

Masonic Charity

One of the cornerstones of Freemasonry is “Relief,” namely charity.

Charity takes many forms, with support of your fellow Brethren and the world around.  The mason gives of his time, and his money. The Freemasons are the second largest charitable givers in the United Kingdom after the National Lottery, contributing an average of £42 million annually to good causes. 

The national vehicle is the Masonic Charitable Foundation, one of the largest charities in the country, and whose roots go back to 1788.  This donates significant sums to Masonic and Non-Masonic causes.  Please look at their website.

The Provincial Charities are 1) the Warwickshire Masonic Charitable Association (a modern charity, originating in 1946) which donates up to £200,000 each year to other local charities, and 2) the Warwickshire Masonic Benevolent Fund (roots back to 1872) which grants about £80,000 each year to dependents of Brethren in need.

During the pandemic additional funds have been applied to charities in need.

Individual Lodges have collections at most meetings, for their own favourite charities, as well as making donations to the Provincial and National charities.  We do not collect from the general public.