Craft Masonry

Craft Masonry is the starting point of the journey for all Freemasons, through their Masonic experience.

Every Mason is a member of at least one Craft Lodge. The masonic journey commences by being initiated into a Craft Lodge.   There are three distinct steps, called degrees.   A newly made mason is known as an Entered Apprentice, he is later passed to the Second Degree of a Fellowcraft, and then raised to the Third Degree of a Master Mason. 

Each degree is conferred by a Ceremony in the form of allegorical plays, which are designed to impart meaning to the candidate, and lead him to contemplate on his ethics and contribution to society in general.

Lodge meetings also provide a platform to come together, with other like minded people, although discussion of politics and religion are expressly forbidden.   

After the formal Lodge meeting there is usually a meal, called the Festive Board, giving the opportunity to be with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Jewels of Howe Lodge

The photo on the left shows one of the Past Masters jewels belonging to Howe Lodge.  Every Master who passes through the Chair is presented with a Past Masters Medal to commemorate his period in office. They are returned to the Lodge if a Brother is promoted to Grand Lodge office, or no longer continues as a subscribing member.

The medal illustrated was first presented to W Bro A Dudley-Evans in 1929 and later to his son W Bro W N Dudley-Evans in 1958.  It is proudly worn by a Past Master of Howe Lodge today.   

That on the right is a photo of a Howe Lodge Centenary Medal. Lodges that have met continuously for over 100 years are entitled to have this medal struck in recognition of this achievement. 

The Lodge Centenary medal is standard to all Lodges reaching this honour save that the individual Lodge name and number are depicted in the manner shown.  



Becoming a Member of Howe

Howe Lodge welcomes applications for new members, and extends the Masonic “Hand of Friendship” to all.  If after visiting our website, that of the Province and  of United Grand Lodge of England (links on this site) for information, you wish to consider joining us, we advise you to speak to any family member or friend whom you know to be a Freemason.  Then contact our  Secretary who can explain the advantages, and costs, of being a member.

We will then arrange to meet you socially, so that you can find out more about us, and so that we can find out a little more about you.

There then follows a meeting with the committee, prior to any ballot and consequential joining.

Please note the dates of our meeting.